No One Can Call Time Spent That Way Stupid

Ink on watercolor [a[er – Words: Fredric Nietzsche

Stupid is as stupid does, so says Forest Gump. And we all have been stupid at one time or another. Nietzsche reminds us here that forgetting our purpose is the commonest form of stupidity. All too often we do and say things that are counter to what we want and hinder the direction in which we are headed. It is in these moments that we are behaving common and stupid and against ourselves.

It bothers some people when my pieces are not completely, clearly legible. I get comments. I’m not sure it has crossed their minds that I do that intentionally. It makes them look closer and think harder and pay more attention to my work. Here I chose to invert the second letter ‘P’ on purpose, to prove a point. Yes I want to create calligraphic art, I also want to make people think, by altering, inverting and being a bit less literal with words I am working within my own purpose to create calligraphy that makes people think. Anyone can write words, I want to write words that contribute to helping people be a better version of themselves.

It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do with my love of letters and words, and I still struggle if my work is good enough, interesting enough and worth it. I think any creative person questions themselves and their work. I mentor and coach others who tell me about their own struggles along this same theme. It is one thing to follow your purpose, it is an entirely different challenge to figure out what it is.

Finding your purpose, something you love and want to do can be hit or miss. Lots of things are fun and fill our time. A purpose is more than that, it is why you were given your gifts and how you want to use them. To make money, to help others, to make the world a better place, or even to simply do and fulfill your own desires, all of these are great uses of our talents and skills. Let me encourage you to invest the time it takes to find your purpose. It may be one thing, or two or several. How ever many things you love to do spend the time doing them AND sharing them with others. Serve, build, invest and grow the people who want to know what it is you know. Serve, build and grow yourself until the day comes when you get you and enjoy sharing that person with everyone else. No one can ever call time spent that way stupid.

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