Let Today Be the Day You Remind Them

Ink on watercolor – Words: Torquato Tasso

Something amazing happens when you find someone who brings your pieces back together. They understand you and somehow know you. They bring out your best and call you on your worst. They may be called family, friend or partner, yet no matter how they fit, they fit. And they make sure you fit.

I am blessed to have a friend like this one. They know me all too often better than I know myself. They have the uncanny ability to understand the emotions behind my words and the experiences before I explain them. They see through my attempts at making excuses then lovingly call me on it, not to be right just to bring me back to center and help realign my thoughts, feeling and actions. I may not get to see them very often and yet when we spend time together I am always better for it.

I know that I am blessed to be that person for them as well. There is a bond and a responsibility to each other that transcends miles which allows us the freedom to live our lives fully knowing that the other one is there no matter what. This is the person I would call no matter the news and they would do whatever it takes. We should all be so fortunate to have such a friend AND to be able to be such a friend to someone in return.

Today is my friend’s birthday. So hooray for birthdays, friendship, joy and love that gives us back ourselves and always calls us to be better tomorrow than we are today. If you have such a friend send them a link to this post, ask them to read it and tell them I was writing all about how much their love means to you. No one can hear what they mean to others too often. Let today be the day you remind them.

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