Do You have the ‘Chutzpah’?

Ink on Floor protective sheeting – Words: Sylvia Plath

For Memorial Day we had our first Paint Fight Club. It was my dear friend’s idea and everyone had a blast. I have had the large sheets of contraction protective floor covering, we utilized as a back drop, drying in my studio. I cut the very large sheets into pieces and put them in one of our book presses to flatten them out. The background for this piece is from one of those flattened pieces of floor covering.

Today is my dear friend’s birthday, the one who had the idea about throwing paint, so I wanted to create a piece for her to commemorate her brilliance. Her favorite color is yellow, so this scrap amongst all the many pieces had the most yellow. She is also a writer so I thought the quote paired beautifully with the paper. I plan to give it to her later today framed and ready to hang. I must admit that I dearly enjoy creating these types of one-of-a-kind pieces. I hope to do more of this in the future.

I am reminded that when we take a risk and share our ideas it plants seeds of ideas for other people, seeds we have no idea of what or how or where they will grow. One thing leads to another, which turns and twists and starts a chain reaction that we have no power to control. She wanted to throw paint and now she will have a piece of calligraphy like no other…connecting those two things can only be attributed to the power of imagination and courage. Someone had to have the guts to share the idea, other people were needed to pull it off, and still more people experienced the outcome, giggled and laughed until the paint go into their mouths, and finally a piece of art resulted.

Next time you think your idea is silly and people will laugh, have the courage to just get it out into the world. Someone who is listening will take that idea and turn it on it’s head and change everything. The chain reaction will only begin if you have the ‘chutzpah’ to speak the words, draw the picture or write down your idea and let someone else absorb it. Muster the courage, share the idea, then let it go. The world is waiting…

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