The Salve to the Human Soul

Ink on Marbled Paper – Words: Seneca

There are too many days when our head hits the pillow and a loud sigh of exhaustion erupts from our soul. We’ve spent the hours of the day solving, resolving, moving, shaking, planning, and organizing all the areas of our world. Our heart and soul are tired and bedtime could not have come soon enough.

The challenge is that unless we change something tomorrow will be just an updated version of today. We will continue going around and around on the merry-go-round of life spinning and spinning hoping that we are getting somewhere. Guess what, everyone you know is having that same life experience or something close to it. How you feel is what they are experiencing as well.

I went to a conference once and the speaker had us write on a piece of paper the worst problem we were dealing with in our lives. The real big, juicy, hairy, ugly thing we didn’t think we could handle. We put them all into a basket. They then shuffled all the pieces of paper and passed the basket back around telling us to pick one out and make sure it was not our own. Once the basket was empty they asked who wanted their own problem back instead of the one they picked out of the basket? Every hand in the room was in the air begging for their own problem back. This reminded me that someone I’m interacting with has a problem I wouldn’t want to touch with a ten foot pole.

When I think I’ve had enough, I remember that conference and am glad I can rest my head on my own pillow. I’m tired and want things to change, and most people are feeling the same way about the problems in their own lives. It is the human condition and the cure is kindness. Kindness for ourselves, our family, our loved ones and those around us. Empathy allows us to feel and understand, kindness puts that empathy into action.

Today let the car that wants to merge into the horrific intersection in ahead of you, then give them a wave of kindness. Pay for the meal of the person behind you at the drive thru. Leave your change in the tip jar or give an extra dollar to the wait staff. Do someone else’s chore at home, or give a compliment to someone at work for a job well done. Kindness is a salve to our soul reminding us that we are not invisible, we matter and the world is not such a rat race. Kindness, pass it on.

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