Enjoy Your Space, Peace and Relax

Ink & gel pen on Mixed Media Paper- Words: Eliza Cook

The global pandemic restored our love of home. We were stuck there for months and during all that time we realized how much we value the place where we live. We fell back in love with our spaces by wanting to rearrange, redecorate and renovate. Or we realized how awful our places were so we packed up and moved somewhere new. Either way the goal was to have a place where we want to spend time and be ourselves. No matter how big or small our home is indeed our haven.

Now that the pandemic has subsided a bit we are stepping outside our door and traveling a bit more. We’re seeing old friends, family, new places and traveling for the first time in over a year. Adventure is calling and we are answering that call. People are camping more, hiking, biking, walking, running, and taking their new dog for a jaunt. The good news is we have a place to which we want to come home. Somewhere that holds a special place in our hearts.

There is comfort in having a place to land, a resting spot, a peaceful chair or hammock to call our own. Something wonderful happens when your head hits your pillow and all that was important drifts away. Never underestimate the power an anchor like your own space has on your soul and serenity. Being able to come home, no matter what state or country it is in, means you can let go and relax. You can be you and be the peaceful version where a deep breath makes it all better.

Let us give thanks for the treasured spaces we enjoy, The homes, countries, and neighborhoods we travel from and look forward returning to each and every trip. Let us not take for granted the blessing that a place can hold and let us pray for those who are still striving and working to experience that same joy. Everyone deserves to have a space of their own, a reading nook or comfy sofa where they can leave the world behind and sink into restful napping. Go find yours and turn off your technology, rest, and release the troubles of your day. Enjoy your space, peace and relax.

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