It’s a Do-It-Yourself Kind of Time

Gel pen on craft paper – Words: Napoleon Hill

It has been almost a year since we began this journey called social distancing. We’ve all been staying home, away from crowds in hopes that this global pandemic would subside. As we waited we got reacquainted with our homes. We cleaned up, rearranged, improved, painted, juggled and rethought about how we truly want to live in our spaces. It took work and forethought that this strange time has given to us as a gift.

If you’re like me you have taken the time to clean up the spaces you utilize everyday. Be it a closet or an office, kitchen cabinets or unused corners in certain rooms, everything changing became an option. What was once just annoying became a to do item that once completed lifted a great weight from our soul. It’s funny how all the stuff we have worked so hard to accumulate took on a different meaning. It became more important, less important, a bother, a mess or simply something to decide to keep or give to someone more needy. The point was that now we all had time to make the decisions about our stuff that we had been avoiding.

The same it true for our own lives. In talking with people I have had several conversations about what they want to change, what they want to learn, how they want to go down a different path and how their lives are in a very different place than they were only one year ago. The do-it-yourself projects have extended to themselves. It’s a great opportunity to change as everything around us is changing. No one would be surprised at anyone changing their lives after all this COVID mess.

So how’s it going on your end in terms of do-it-yourself items? Are you trudging through or avoiding it all together? Have you hit your stride or taking things one day at a time? However you are handling your personal and home based projects know that the effort you put into making your world better is worth it. You are worth it! Any progress is good progress even if it goes slow. Sometimes you have to ponder the changes you want in order to tackle them. Take time today to write down what you want and then what are you willing to change to get there. Having pride in where we live and who we are becoming can be what gets us out of bed each day with a heart full of joy. You’re worth it, so get to those projects. Once they are done you will feel incredible!

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