Keep Moving Forward

Ink on watercolor paper – Words: Benjamin Franklin

These social distancing days have had a variety of effects on us all. One day we’re busy, the next we’re antsy, another day we’re flying high and the next we’re wondering when we will be able to do as we please. Energy is good some days and on others energy is on the low side. The challenge isn’t in getting each day to be exactly the same, the challenge is to handle each type of day as it comes.

As Benjamin Franklin reminds us with these words, that energy and persistence conquer all things. Good or bad, win or lose, high or low, being persistence even when energy is low keeps us moving in a forward direction. Some days all we can hope to accomplish is moving in a forward direction.

We may be working to conquer our debt, our fear, our anger or even our past demons. Whatever it is we want to do we need to use energy and persistence to get it done. It is the moving forward that allows us to rest at night. We may not have gotten everything done that we wanted so forward movement can help us rest well enough to face another day. Let today’s problems and wins be today’s because tomorrow will hold within it another set of things to do.

So take a deep breath, give yourself a break that not everything is just as you would want, and keep moving forward. We cannot predict the future or how everything will turn out. We can control our attitude, our ability to persist and working with our day’s energy to keep moving forward. Take another deep breath and know that tomorrow is another day.

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