Ideas Need a Fighting Chance to Live

Ink on mixed media paper- Words: Walter Bagehot

When I read these words, I pondered the author’s thought. Nothing more painful to human nature than a new idea? What? I could think of a lot of things that are more painful, then it hit me. A new idea requires change, and everything within us gnarls and baulks at change in any format. It’s human nature to bristle at change. We are creatures of habit, creatures of comfort, even creatures that like change when it is our idea not when it is being done to us. No one likes being told what to do and change is usually someone else telling us that what worked before will no longer work so we have to change.

New ideas help us make the world better. New ideas are what move us from point A to point B. And new ideas are what keep us alert, alive and growing. New ideas also remind us that we don’t know everything, someone else may be smarter than us, and as a result of new ideas what we were comfortable with is about to go away. Everything we love and hate are all rolled into one when we hear the words. “Hey, I have a great idea!” Because we can take change some of the time but not all of the time. At the current pace in which our global community is spinning it can feel like change smacks us in the face each and every day. Which means each day we have to get up and be ready for change.

How can you be ready for change? First, know who you are. Not all change has to be incorporated into your world. Maybe you’re okay with how things work for you so this new fangled thing doesn’t need to invade your space. Second, know what you want. Again, the change may not impact your ability to reach your goals so employ the grocery store method – take what you need, leave the rest on the shelf. Third, choose not to become defensive when the change appears, listen and give it time to fully explain itself. It is possible that what is changing will make your world better, easier, more peaceful or fearless. It could save you money, keep you safe, or even allow others to be a part of your life in a new way. And finally, look around your world. If nothing ever changes then my guess is you would not have most of the things that make your life better, so somewhere along the way someone or something had to change. Be open to new things, new ideas, and do not let fear or pride prevent you from seeing the gift this change will bring to your world.

Chances are you will have a new idea soon and how other people react to it will reflect your own attitudes. We usually get what we give, so give someone else’s new idea a chance so when it is your turn your idea has a fighting chance to live.

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