Happy to do it, No Matter What it is

Ink on mixed media paper- Words:Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa is reminding us here that everything changes when we have the right attitude. She was happy to do the grueling work of helping the poor and sick day in and day out. Not only was it her life’s work it was her pleasure. What an amazing testimony to the overwhelming joy a happy mind and heart brings to our lives.

This made me think about the last time someone asked me to do something I wasn’t very excited about doing. I’m not sure I did it with a happy heart and mind. I did it because I had to, got it done as quickly as possible, and hoped I would not be asked to do it again any time soon. In all that I was the one who missed out. I was the one who was robbed of the joy in doing things with happiness and gratitude. Just getting the task done isn’t enough, doing it with a positive mindset makes all the difference.

We all have pesky to do items in our lives – laundry, expense reports, time sheets, vacuuming and even those dreaded dirty dishes. Life is full of stuff we would rather not do and yet if we don’t do it we end up frustrated and disgusted with our lives or our jobs. The nagging of the undone task weighs us down, so we just do it and gristle all along the way. What if we chose to be thankful for the pesky task AND chose to have an attitude of happiness while we did it? We would benefit from getting the job done AND being proud of ourselves for doing it with a grateful heart. Two wins! Which means we have to choose to be happy to do it next time the opportunity presents itself.

Today that pesky task may rear it’s head, choose to be happy and have an attitude of willingness and joy. Do the task, then see how much better you feel about yourself and your world. Be happy to do it, no matter what it is.

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