When There Seems to be No Hope at All

Ink on mixed media paper- Words: Dale Carnegie

When multiple generations of women were asked what was the most important thing they would want in a new kitchen, each generation answered differently. The Granddaughter asked that the plugs in the walls have USB ports. The Mother asked for a large refrigerator. The Grandmother asked for running water. Our perspective on what is important is completely fashioned by the times in which we were raised.

The conveniences we have in our lives all came from people who didn’t give up when their ideas failed. Be it running water, electricity, refrigeration, indoor plumbing or the ever present USB port all these things have become more important than we appreciate. Someone had to invent, design and implement all these things to make our lives better and aren’t we blessed that they did!

Doing something new requires – it demands – a mindset that is fueled by hope. Everything will go wrong, often at the same time, which means hope my be the only thing keeping the idea alive. It means taking one step forward, two steps back, then two steps forward and one step back. It means keeping on when nothing but hope is telling you that there is a chance it will work. That little spark inside, that spark of hope is enough to keep trying.

Today may be the day that your spark of hope needs to be shared, reignited or even turned up! You may need to be reminded to not give up or you may bring that message to someone else. No matter what, don’t give up, don’t quit, don’t let the flame of hope die. Hope is what helped change this world from one where indoor plumbing was only an idea to one where a USB port can be built right into the walls. Who knows where hope, hard work and persistence will take us next!

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