Beyond the Squares and Circles

Metallic pen on pastel paper – Words: J. Vernon McGee

Over the years the definition of what makes someone a square has changed. At one time watching Lawrence Welk was ‘the’ thing to do; today’s kids don’t even know who or what that was. Being square referred to the kind of music you listened to, the movies you watched, the way you dressed or even the narrow way in which you thought. Being square meant you were somehow out of style or fashion or not with it, whatever that meant.

For a while we called those people Nerds, until being a Nerd became cool, elite and usually meant great smarts and or huge wealth. Today being square means being out of date in any way shape or form, when in reality the only people who can call you that are the ones making up the ‘in’ standards. And who are those people anyway?

What we really want are people who do not waste their time going around in circles. People who feel free to be themselves no matter the audience or circumstance. And we have finally reached a point in our culture where we encourage anyone to be themselves – popular, controversial, square or a Nerd – we can all be just who we want to be. Which also means suffering the consequences and triumphs being ourselves creates.

We would like to say we have evolved when in reality we usually stick with people who are like us. We surround ourselves with things and people that make us feel comfortable in our own skin, mostly those who think like we do. Truly revolutionary people have a variety of friends, from all walks of life, and feel comfortable moving in and out of the squares and circles current rends define.

So what square or circle might you step outside today? And what fun or new way of thinking might that step provide? What not try moving beyond your current borders and see what new, exciting paths come your way? Like Huey Lewis said, “It’s hip to be Square!”

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