Say Thanks to a Librarian

Ink on mixed media paper – Words: Marcel Proust

When I was in grade school, the school Librarian was the most powerful, magical person I had ever met. She could find anything you wanted or desired within minutes. I remember being handed a copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Ronald Dahl and spending my library time at a table engulfed in that imaginative world. Within the pages of books I could go anywhere, do anything and even dare to believe that ordinary people had extraordinary adventures. Time stood still, my imagination was on fire and I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. All because the Librarian handed me a book.

I grew up in a household where people read, where books were valued and spending time with literature was appreciated. I have inherited all the family books and we have our own library space where anyone can read anything and experience moments when time stands still. Our collection of books has grown over the years and now everyone who visits knows that the library is a great space, a quiet space, a space where anything is possible.

Many years ago people predicted that books, magazines or any hard copy texts would be completely replaced by electronic downloads. They were useless, the information was easier to store and maintain in an electronic format. Well we still read books and magazines and enjoy every minute of it. There is something incredible that happens as you open that spine and see the book mark move closer to the end, as the plot or pictures unravel before your eyes and suddenly you know what others may not OR have joined that secret society of the well read. We value books, so much so that we make them in our studio. The internet may have changed the role of a librarian however electronic devices will never replace hard copy texts.

What are you reading right now? What adventure are you immersed in and what cast of characters have captured your imagination? Murder, intrigue, fun, fairies, loyalty or maybe just an old fashioned romance. Whatever it is , enjoy the read and then encourage someone else to read it. Encourage the children in your life to open an actual book and watch the magic begin. Reading a book is the greatest gift anyone can receive. And be sure to say thanks to your local Librarian!

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