Windows & Openings

Gel pen & Pencil on pastel paper – Words: Grace Pulpit

For week four of our year long calligraphy challenge we were asked to create something relating to windows and openings. The suggestions was to go three dimensional and make something that opens or closes. Never having done this before I was a bit hesitant and made lots of construction mistakes. In the end this video shows my piece. I created a video as to truly experience the ‘doors’ you need to see them open.

Inside each door are the words people say to move in and out of our lives. While doing this piece I thought about all the people who have been in my life for a period of time and those who have been a friend for decades. We all make comments, excuses and pledges with our words when it is our actions that truly demonstrate our commitment to someone.

We all have people who have moved in and out of our lives – colleagues, community members, church friends, family, neighbors and even the occasional hair dresser. All that is normal. Forcing things to stay the same with everyone all the time is not how life works. Things change, people change, circumstances change, even we change. As a result the people in our lives change as well. Some grow with us and others grow away from us, being able to understand and manage this is part of adulthood and maturity.

Some people serve a great purpose for a period of time, then we all move to a different period and find different people. Give thanks for these people as they are the reason we have lived and learned. We will serve in this same capacity for someone else, and we too will grow beyond what they can receive so we manage the change and keep moving forward. There is no need for guilt or fear, panic of loneliness. Life has a way of bringing us what we need, when we need it, from those who know how to help when our need arises.

Today give thanks for the people who are helping you navigate your world. And give thanks for those who have helped in the past. And prepare yourself for those who will need your listening heart, experience or friendship for them to move forward. The more we give the more we receive so stay tuned as life has more people to move in and out of your world.

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