The Principle: Final Version

Gel Pen & Watercolor – Words: William Pally

This is the last post in a three post series about my process for creating this work. After having spent all sorts of time on this I am not very pleased with the end result. That being said, I am glad to have something to show as completed. We’ve all had these moments, when all our hard work is done and we go, “Meh” about the end result. I will revisit this one sometime in the future, once my mind has cleared and a new idea has captured my thoughts.

The good news is that the person who asked me to do this LOVES it. The colors, the shape, all of it. I have learned that some of the work I complete and dislike is the first to sell. Conversely the work I adore and am very proud of sometimes gets mixed reactions. Go figure! We think we know when in reality we really don’t. All we can do is produce, release and keep working.

I set a goal last February to create 365 pieces of calligraphy for my blog. I have less that ten percent to go. As a result of this volume of work I have learned not to dwell on the pieces I do not like. I am too busy to wallow, so I move one quickly to the next work in progress. It’s okay not to like everything, not to want it published, not to even want to show it to people. Part of continually working each day it learning then applying those lessons quickly. When I have too much time on my hands I can become indecisive.

What is the old saying – need to get something done, give it to a busy person. People who are busy don’t have time to waste or sulk, they do it, correct, revise and finish. If you’re feeling unproductive and “Meh” try jumping feet first into the deep end of the pool. Start a project, a change, an idea – get in over your head and before you know it you’re busy, excited, enthusiastic and the things that kept you up at night are too minuscule to even be kept in your thoughts. You may not always like the end result yet the lessons you will learn about your skill, craft even yourself will be worth it.

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