It Is All About Your Reaction

Ink on mixed media paper- Words: Julie Andrews

As we grow and experience more of life, we realize that life has an ebb and flow to it. Sometimes we have more things going well then going poorly, the next day it may be just the opposite. It can be frustrating as we are not able to control or correct the things that ebb; the reminder here is that we are not always in control and have to let go of what we cannot change.

All of this sounds great when you’re simply reading about it in a blog post. The hard part is keeping your cool when one thing after another seems to be conspiring to find your last nerve and stomp all over it. I appreciate these words form Julie Andrews as she has seen both sides of the equation. She has reinvented herself, changed with the times, suffered physical challenges and still seems to be out there using her voice in whatever capacity she is able. She found a way to go with the ebb, the flows, and the ebbs back the other direction. We all need to be reminded that life does this to everyone, no matter what we think.

As this first month of the year slips by you may be experiencing ebbs and flows of your own. What you thought was a guarantee may look like it is slipping into oblivion, while the more fragile elements of life somehow take on a more substantial place in life. Everyone experiences good days and bad days, the clue here is to go with the flow. Know that the bad will not last forever and the good may be only temporary yet it will lead us to a better place. Taking it all personally, or as a sign that we are not worthy of goodness is the lie circumstances may lead us to believe. None of that is true. All of us deserve good, all of us experience bad. It is how we react and move forward that determines how the good and the bad will impact our lives. So let this serve as a reminder that the ups and downs of life happen to us all, it is how we react that determines how we will move forward.

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