Be the One Who Makes Something Out of Nothing

Ink & Watercolor paper on Mixed Media Paper- Words: Julia Morgan

I have had the opportunity to work for many different companies in my career. I learned early on that it was possible to find a better challenge, environment and even a better boss by changing companies instead of waiting for the current circumstances to change. Sometimes that meant making a lateral move instead of a promotion. Sometimes that meant leaving one company to go to another. And sometimes it meant making my own job description and pitching to the new two levels up.

When I read this quote from Julia Morgan I was reminded of a “minor” opportunity (they always call them opportunities when no one else wants to do it!) within my department. I was asked to change something that no one wanted to change. Everyone else was too busy or thought they were more important than the project. I was given a short timeframe and not much of a budget. It was a nothing kinda project, one everyone else turned down because it was too small. I got it all done, under budget, faster than expected and everyone was ecstatic. Needless to say I caught the eye of the higher ups and was given more projects, multiple promotions and was glad I didn’t let a nothing kinda project get me down.

Organizations are looking for people who can do something with nothing. Be it community service, work, home, or even volunteering everyone needs that person who can get it done, no matter what. I have found that small bites always lead to big bites. Tackle the small which proves you can handle the big. Be the person who is willing, inventive and positive and good things will come your way, you simply have to be willing to say “yes”. Be the person who can make something out of nothing and you will never be bored or overlooked.

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