…So Write It Down!

Ink on mixed media paper – Words: Willy Ley

Think back to when you last got excited about an idea. What were you doing that sparked such enthusiasm? Last time I had a spark I was somewhere between sleep and awake, my mind was relaxed and quickly moved from problem to solution. I also get ideas when I drive, when I’m bored, when I decide to only utilize what I already have, or when I talk to someone who does nothing like what I do. I have leaned that when I’m stumped I need to walk away and do something else, let my mind ‘rest’ and eventually a great idea arrives.

Like large rivers, ideas never have just one source – how very true. Sometimes you are the source for someone else’s ideas and eventually they will do the same for you. In these social distancing days we may need to work a bit harder to “be” with people in order to cultivate and encourage our ideas. Via a phone call, zoom, letter writing or even just six feet apart, we all need people and they need us.

Ideas mean something, They open the door for us. They lead us in new directions or help us invent new ways to be enthusiastic about old processes. Sometimes a spark will trail off into a bright, spectacular place and other times it simply keeps us thinking until the next thought takes us further. Long ago I learned to never let an idea die before I can write it down. I may not be prepared to do something about that idea with my current skills or level of enthusiasm, so I write it down. When I go back later and read that idea again I may be better prepared to turn it into something,

Give yourself the gift of writing down your ideas in one place. One your mind knows your ideas area safe, more idea will come along. Give it a whirl, you never know where the next great thing will come from for your world. You’ll never know if you don’t write it down.

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