Do Something Today

Ink on mixed media paper – Words: anonymous

We all have thoughts and ideas, things we want to accomplish, and we have to take time to think things through. This quote reminds us that no matter what we think, we have to actually get out there and do it in order for it to be accomplished. Thinking is only the first step, action comes second.

How many of us have started ideas in a new notebook and been excited about the prospects that clean piece of paper provided? Only to get overwhelmed by everyday life and forget that notebook. Our ideas, hopes, dreams and desires falter into oblivion, shut down by the time crunch, too tired or maybe even something as simple as fear. I know countless people who have great ideas, I know precious few who actually put them into action.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming, nothing at all. We need dreamers and their ideas to keep our world progressing. We also need dreamers we transform their ideas and become doers. It takes time, effort, money and courage to try something knowing that it may fail at any turn. Being able to get up after falling down takes persistence, fortitude, and maybe even a bit of crazy added in there for good measure. Anyone who has attempted anything knows that the idea gets us going, and courage keeps us going.

What do you think about – a new home, a new job, a new idea, a new process for doing something? What thought keeps you awake at night enough to get you up in the morning to plow the field? Hooray for those who have the gumption to get going, keep moving, and to get back up after failure. It is these doers who make the world go round, even if it can feel like the idea was more glamorous and joyful than the execution of that idea. No matter the difficulties, make the decision today to do something that takes your idea and puts it into reality.

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