It Is What We do for Others

Ink on Mixed Media Paper- Words: Anonymous

For Christmas this year several friends and I gave each other an act of service. Last week I was the giver, this week I was the receiver. My dear friend came over and helped me clear up and clean out our art gallery. I needed help as I was a bit stuck. My friend brought a fresh set of eyes and enthusiasm I greatly needed. All day long I was thankful for her actions, her attitude and how she did not judge anything she saw.

Giving service means we need to be willing to set aside our own thoughts and focus on action. Service is not about us, it is about how we can work to help the other person make their own life better. Be it cleaning gutters, organizing a kitchen or rearranging a gallery, service means we are at their disposal. I made it a goal to reinvent our gallery this year, and I could not have begun that journey without this physical kickoff from my very capable friend. Women with power tools are awesome!

Who do you know that could use the gift of service? Cleaning out or up a place that overwhelms them? Helping them start on their goal, or maybe even turning your talents into a blessing for their home, work or leisure days. We can all use a hand every once in a while and sometimes accepting it as a gift is the best way to open the door. Being willing to let someone else do for us allows us to truly understand what service and excellence looks like.

Take time to perform acts of service for others in their new year. Before you buy your next gift, think of giving service instead. Both you and the recipient will be blessed in ways that an object cannot provide.

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