If You Don’t Do All That Then Who Will?

Ink & Gel Pen on Marbled Paper

My husband and I recently watched a movie where women were not allowed to be responsible or own anything, including their children. IT was set a couple hundred years ago, which made me thankful for the mixed up world we have today. No matter our circumstances or situations that are out of our control, we can always be ourselves.

To be ourselves we need to first know ourselves, and second like ourselves.If for whatever reason we do not like ourselves, then we need to work to change ourselves until we do like what we see. How can anyone else like us, respect us, even trust us if we do not feel that way about ourselves? Self knowledge and self action are powerful tools only we can employ.

We can complain and protest about all sorts of horrible things in this world, one of the worst is self loathing and a victim mentality. People who have these attitudes can be very difficult to be around. Nothing is good, nothing is important, they are always worthless or forgotten and everyone else in the place has a good life but them. It’s the Eeyore syndrome. Eventually it is hard to be around these people so everyone stops being around them, which in the end makes them right about it all. Self fulfilling as it is, no one likes to be around people who have no self value.

We need to be our best advocates, our greatest fan, our best critic. We need to trust, think, act and speak for ourselves. When we do that we also empower others to do the same for themselves. We stop being and creating victims, we build people and teach them how to move forward owning their own lives. No matter what else happens in your world today, trust, think, act and speak for yourself. If you don’t do all that, then who will?

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