Maybe Your Day Needs a Little Discipline

Ink on mixed media paper- Words: Jim Ryun

Today was a strange day. Various things were out of whack and somehow they all combined to create a very discombobulated day. The post I wrote for yesterday died somewhere in cyber space, no where to be found. Deliveries arrived as I was walking to our mailbox and our dogs would not stop barking. Many other things happened, most of which could easily have been a reason for me to do nothing. In all logical minds a nap old have saved the world, or at least my day.

Instead I exercised and wrote. It took discipline because neither of those things were what I really wanted to do. I liked this quote and thought it appropriate for my strange day, as discipline was the only hook I could hang my hat upon amidst chaos and confusion.

We associate discipline with mostly negative things, when in reality discipline is what saves our thoughts and minds on a regular basis. Putting your keys in the same place so you do not lose them, that’s discipline. Eating habits, handling money, doing the right thing all the time and curbing our emotions all take discipline, which helps us build the character we want to live.

Discipline helps us reach our dreams when nothing else does. Discipline is what strongly encourages us to do what we should do instead of giving in to our more basal desires. And discipline helps us make decisions when our emotions and circumstances are out of whack. Today I was grateful for discipline as it brought order to chaos, peace to frayed emotions and an element of positive attitude to the frantic elements of my mind. Where in your life could you use a little discipline? First you need to know what you want, second you need the discipline to keep going.

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