Take Back Your Tidings!

Ink on mixed media paper-11th day of Christmas

Good Tidings we bring, which means we wish you great joy and happiness. We want only the best for you and yours. What a great thing to tell someone. I think it’s sad that the only time we regularly wish people well is during the holidays. We say Merry Christmas or Happy New Year, and this year people were actually caught off guard when I said it. Somehow we’ve watered down our greeting to be inclusive, which is code for boring. We mention holidays or seasons, and forget the reason we celebrate Christmas. I made a point this year to bring good tidings to everyone I met and to a person everyone greeted me with a smile and wished me the same.

Someone has to start it. Someone has to go against the norm and shake things up. Someone has to have the courage to open their mouth and say what needs to be said, even if it means non-watered down words of phrases. When did it become wrong to wish people well, to spread glad tidings to everyone we meet? And when did we allow fear and politically correctness to stifle our jovial selves? Well it is time to take back our tidings and give them away freely!

Let us open up our mouths and wish people tidings of joy! Let’s give them hugs – when we’re out of this COVID mess – and let’s use our voices to cheer the people we meet. Speak up, speak loud, speak with enthusiasm and you will be surprised how it impacts everyone within ear shot. And you may even be surprised at how your own spirits and attitude change for the better when you constantly wish others good tidings! So let’s take back our tidings and spend this year spreading comfort and joy!

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