The Space You Need to be a Better You

Gel pen on mixed media paper- Words: John Dryden

In conversations this week I have had three different people use the word ‘freeing’ to describe how it felt to clean out their spaces. Each person was clearing and cleaning for a different reason, and yet all three had the exact same emotional response. There is something to be said in making order out of chaos. It takes effort, getting past the frustration and even forces us to deal with all our ‘stuff’.

All three people donated their items to charity knowing that someone would blessed by these things. One man’s trashed is another man’s treasure, so it was time for their items to find another man! We need to do this for all sorts of areas of our lives – our closets, our desks, our mental baggage and our physical being. Maybe it’s a new haircut, letting go of clothes we no longer wear, or even rearranging and clearing our work area in order to give new ideas and thoughts space to breathe. If we are not using it someone else will.

There are very few times in life when we feel free, when we have a sense of being able to do more. Our schedules, our responsibilities and even our dreams can leave us feeling a bit weighed down. Letting go, clearing out, even rearranging has the power to liberate us from how things have always been. And how are we expecting to have more of anything when we cannot even cope with what we currently maintain? Be it a new job, more work, a fabulous idea or even a new piece of furniture, if we have no space – mental or physical – for that item, then why would we be blessed to get it?

Let order be your word for today. Take a quick glance at your spaces and then give yourself ten minutes to make a few cleansing changes. Give yourself the gift of change and allow your mind the space it needs to help you be a better you.

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