Birds of a Feather

Ink on mixed media paper- 10th day of Christmas

Last year robbed us of many opportunities to spend time with people we loved. Sure we could FaceTime or text, somehow that wasn’t the same as actually being in their presence. I think we all hope that this year provides us ample opportunities to be with people.

These words from the song “Sleigh Ride” made me think of the friends I have been blessed to work with, play with and have as family. It is soothing to know birds of a feather, people who get us and understand how we feel even when we do not know how to express it. Something is brought to life in our soul when someone nods and smiles in acceptance even before we finish our sentence. So we’re not crazy, we’re not weird, they feel this way too! Hooray for birds that get us and help us leave our next for bigger ones.

Isn’t that what a good friend does, they encourage us to become who we were not even aware we had inside? They bring out our best, our emotions, our feelings and do it in such a way that when we leave their presence we can still feel their understanding. We somehow remain bolstered and confident just knowing they are in our world.

To have that kind of friend we have to first be that kind of friend. Not everyone knows how to reciprocate such friendship, so sometimes we have to keep looking for other birds of our kind. Or we may find it in someone we never expected. The point is to be that friend to everyone in order to find the other creatures who get it too. It may feel like unrequited love until that bird of a feather comes along, and when they do all the effort and searching fades away on the new song we sing together. Work this year to be that friend and to find that friend. You will be blessed beyond measure.

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