Simply Add More Kindness

Ink on mixed media paper- 9th day of Christmas

What a great goal, to take time to be kind to one and all. What is perfect about that statement is that it reminds us to take the time to be kind. When we do it often enough it becomes a habit. When we pause and think about our reaction to whatever is going on around us, let kindness be our first form of action. That is easier said than done.

People do not always think before they speak or text, type or respond. Which means we do not always get their best, we get their reaction. We get their instinct – which is either flight or fight – both of which may not be appropriate for the situation. Sometimes, maybe most of the time, we need to then be the one who thinks and takes the time to respond with kindness.

Are the words that come out of your mouth or fingers the ones you want that person to remember for years to come? Will they haunt them or help them? Will your words make you feel better at their expense or is it possible that one brief deep breath, one moment to ponder might change the words to ones that spread kindness and joy?

How would your world be different if you were the person who took the time to be kind? For no other reason than kindness changes things, people and situations. How would your relationships change if you chose kindness all the time, not just to those people you care about? And how would you feel about yourself if you trained your thoughts to be ones of kindness for all encounters? That would mean giving up your grudges, anger, fear and resentments by trading them in for kindness. It’s a tall order yet one worth working towards.

Let today be the day you start this habit of kindness, take the time to be kind to one and all. You may be surprised at how much your world improves simply by adding more kindness.

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