Use Today Wisely – For David Cline

Ink on mixed media paper- 7th day of Christmas

It’s the last day of 2020, a year we have all seen completely change the way we look at our world. For us the reality of this pandemic hit close to home, our next door neighbor passed away yesterday afternoon. He had pneumonia, COVID and was in his eighties. If there is one concrete lesson we have all learned it is that we cannot predict the future which means we have no idea what will happen to who, where or when.

I chose this verse from “O Holy Night” as a reminder that no matter what happens there is always the hope of a new and glorious morning. Tomorrow holds with it the hope that life can change, people can change, cures and vaccines can develop and we all have one more opportunity to live the life we want. Hope gives us the strength to make it through the long days, the sad days, the days when we feel less than ourselves. Hope grants us the gift of daring to dream, daring to hope and daring to comfort those we love who are going through something we cannot understand completely.

None of us are promised tomorrow. None of us know when our days will end. And none of us know when we will have the next opportunity to do what it is we have always wanted to do. Let the hope of tomorrow ignite in your heart and soul the urgency to do today that which you have wanted to do. In this madcap world of change, turmoil, love and hope, let your today – the last day of this strange year – be one you use wisely.

Thank you David for your many years as a warm and wonderful neighbor. Our lives will forever be changed simply by being blessed to live next door to you and yours.

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