After it All Subsides, What Will You Choose?

Ink on vintage Dress Pattern – 5th day of Christmas

In cleaning out some boxes in our attic I found old sewing patterns. When I got out of college I made all my own clothes for years, and there before me were the outfits I had made, worn and enjoyed for most of my twenties. All sorts of memories came flooding back, everything from corporate parties to bridesmaid dresses. If those patterns could talk what stories they would share?

If you had told me then where I would be now I would never have believed you. What was important then is a distant memory today, in fact I cannot even remember what my troubles were all those years ago. My guess is that in twenty years we will forget the traumas, disappointments, social distancing and deprivations we have all endured in these COVID-19 days. That may seem hard to believe now, yet we all know that time has a way of healing all wounds. This may not have been the year any of us could have predicted, however it is the only 2020 any of us could have lived.

This verse from “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” urges us to let our hearts be light. Feeling that way is a choice. We tend to seek happiness when happiness is actually a choice, one we have to make everyday. No matter what cards we have been dealt or the horrible things that have happened in our lives we have to choose how we react. Our emotions will lead us down all sorts of paths, which is the way we deal with it all. In the end, once the emotions and feelings have subsided we have to choose how we move forward. We have the ability to let our hearts be light even on the darkest of days. As you face today and the end of this strange year be sure to choose wisely as only you can control how you react and what comes out of your mouth.

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