It is Time to Imitate the Trees

Ink on Watercolor paper- Words: May Sarton

Merry Christmas 2020! How did we get here? Social distancing, staying home, online anything and time on our hands to do or think about our lives. Each year we make our Christmas card, this one was an idea I had back in September. I created the large letters then realized it looked a great deal like a tree, so I turned it into one.

When I was first learning Calligraphy I started making my own cards. I was living on a tight budget, could afford ink and paper, and I lettered each one by hand. I have people who still send me a card to stay in touch and because they know if they send me one I will send them one of mine in return. I have a couple friends who have thirty years of my cards!

This quote from Mary Sarton reminded me of this year because we all have lost and had to learn to recover. These months have definitely reminded us that nothing stays the same for long. Life is all about change. We watch the trees thrive, change, lose and recover year after year. They only grow by going through this cycle, just as we only grow and get stronger by allowing ourselves and those around us to evolve.

I hope you are able to spend the day doing what you want, with people you want with a calm heart and thoughts of love. It has been a strange road getting here, and I believe we all hope next year things turn a different more positive direction. Many blessings to you and yours!

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