Give What You Can From Your Heart

Ink on Mixed Media Paper – 2nd Day of Christmas

It seems crazy to spend months preparing for one day, so I plan to celebrate the twelve days of Christmas this year via calligraphy. As I listened to Christmas Carols for months I heard snippets and phrases that I want to pull out and highlight. Each phrase may be one that is easily recognizable yet with a meaning that struck my heart each time I sang along with the radio. I will be sure to include the name of the song.

For many this time of year is a difficult one. The cold weather, lack of family, financial challenges or even health issues can all contribute to hard times. These circumstances can leave a sadness in the heart that strangles our ability to feel joy. Music has an incredible ability to life our sprits and provide an outlet for tears, screams, under utilized energy, and it somehow touches the soul in ways nothing else can. When I heard this verse it reminded me that sometimes we need to sing not for ourselves but for those who need a cheerful song brought to their own heart.

When we have blessings it is our responsibility to share them with others. That means we are privileged to share what we have. It doesn’t mean we end up with less, it means we have more room for more blessings in our future. Giving, sharing, singing, simply bringing joy to others who are in need is our gift in these strange days. Maybe all we can give is a song, a card, a hug or even a kind word. It doesn’t matter how much or what we actually have to share, what matters is that we have an attitude of giving and act accordingly.

Today I encourage you to find someone who may be experiencing a sad heart and give them what you can to bring them cheer. Be it a kind word, listening, or singing along with them to their favorite song, a warm meal, a hug or funds. Let your joyous voice so sweet and clear sing the glad of heart to cheer. One day the roles may be reversed and you will need a song of kindness to gladden your heart.

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