Maybe Write Them Down

Ink on watercolor paper

It’s Christmas Eve and people everywhere are celebrating their own traditions with family and friends. Some of those traditions involve food and some involve activities. Some families go formal and others more relaxed. Some people use china and crystal while other families are blessed to be together eating off paper plates at the homeless shelter. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate, the important part if to be together and give thanks.

If you are reading this, you are blessed. No matter your circumstances, you are blessed. It may or may not feel that way at this very moment, however when you step away from your life and sneak a glimpse into someone else’s world what ever you do not like/want in your own life somehow feels more palatable. This time of year helps provide perspective and the freedom to count our own blessings more dear.

So count away. If you want to be more thankful write them all down and read them through for the next few days. If you have forgotten anything add it to your list. There is nothing more joyful than to see in writing the many, many, many things we have in our lives that are worthy of thankfulness. For me the feedback and comments I receive from you my readers are one of the top items on my blessings list. Thank you for reading and continuing to encourage me to keep going. I’m coming up on year thirteen for this blog, over six years of daily posts. I plan to keep going, so stay tuned.

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