Becoming a Better You

Ink on watercolor paper- Words: Napoleon Hill

Once we have gotten to a place where we are content, fulfilled and doing what we want to do we often forget how we got there. It takes hard work, patience, persistence and perspiration to build a life. No one gets it all overnight, for if they do they can never truly appreciate their many blessings.

During these year end days let us take time to reflect on who we have become, who we want to be in the future and how we plan to get there. Sure it is easy to say all the right words and tell people your goals, it is a completely different thing to actually do it. The real question for us is what kind of person do we want to be?

If we are not learning and changing then we are actually growing stagnant. Nothing says that your goals and ambitions have to change the entire world, maybe they are things that will only change your world. Doesn’t that make what you want important enough to actually do the work? I hope your answer was yes! If you did not say yes, then that is a good place to start thinking…why do I not think I am worth the effort? HHHmmmm, things that make ya’ go HHHmmmmm.

Think, dream and know that what you want to make your life better is worth every second of effort you invest. No one gets anywhere in life without putting in the work. Character, joy, and self esteem all take time, so give yourself the gift of time spent on becoming a better you.

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