Be open to Other Possibilities

Ink & Found Objects on Plywood

Before these social distancing days I had monthly ‘play dates’ with creative friends. We would get together in someone’s studio and play. Sometimes we all did the same thing, sometimes we just did our own thing. This heart was a product of one of those days. I am posting here to share the idea before I share the other hearts I have made for Christmas gifts for this year. (Obviously I do not want to share the other hearts until after Christmas!)

This was a real departure from my regular pursuits, and yet it opened doors for me that I had never really thought about. Working with wood, using recycled or found objects, even using ink on wood. This one took we well beyond where I had ever been and has become something I enjoy doing. Since doing this one I have done at least half a dozen other hearts and will keep making them moving forward. It took spending time with someone who does something completely different than me to open my eyes to other possibilities.

I find this concept true for all areas of life. We know what we know, sure we can google or check online to find things out. I know that hands on a face to face experiences have a power beyond anything else. Being with people and around people who are not like us opens doors we never knew existed. Daring to be curious and open to other possibilities has the power to explode our own potential.

If we only do what we know then how do we expand, grow or think differently? This means we have to first be comfortable stepping out of our known zones and respecting second others enough to hear what they have to contribute. Sometimes a word, a thought, a comment or even a different process or tool can transform our own abilities and make them better. To find that out we have to be uncomfortable, unfamiliar and unafraid to step up and try. Once we take that first step our hearts and minds will never be the same. Hooray for people who are not like us! They make our world an amazing place to live…so go out today and find just one new thing and see how your own world can shift for the better.

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