It’s All About Attitude

Metallic ink & Gel pen on mixed media paper- Words: Victor Hugo

We had our first hard frost in our area last night. That may sound funny to people who have had snow since October, yet in Georgia it is a big deal. It means that Winter is really here and Spring will be next. For us Spring starts to arrive in late February, which means about three months of some semblance of Winter. We may or may not get snow, so we’ll take this hard frost to bring us fully into this season.

Having grown up outside of Chicago I am a confirmed weather wimp. I no longer care for the deep cold and know that snow is beautiful here because it melts one or two days later. Having live in the South for several decades I am now a huge fan of Spring. Flowers, pollen, trees blossoming, it is incredible. In the Chicago area if you sleep late on the wrong day you would have missed Spring. This quote describes perfectly how we transplanted Northerners feel, Winter may be here but eternal Spring is in our hearts.

Like most things in life how you feel about things ties directly to your attitude. Life is a lot like marketing and sales, it’s all in how you look at it. ‘Spin’ is the corporate biz word, which translates into attitude. Above all else our attitude is our choice. Sure circumstances and situations have the power to impact things, it is how we whose to react and think about them that impacts our character. Attitude is everything, no matter how cliche that sounds. I have found it to be true.

So today as you face whatever weather is outside your own door, choose your attitude carefully. There will always be weather, which we cannot control. And there will always be attitude, which we can control…so choose wisely!

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