Let’s Just Keep Moving

Ink on watercolor paper – words: Gertrude Stein

If this past year has taught us anything, it is that we have no way of knowing about all the dangers out there. Just when we think everything is okay something like a global pandemic changes our world forever. Fear has crammed itself into our lives, eats at our table and has impacted everything we do. And whether we believe it or not fear now has a place in our lives it never had before.

When I read this quote from Gertrude Stein I was reminded that fear and danger are all around us everyday. When may have come to accept or avoid most of it, and yet we cannot avoid everything. Because danger is everywhere we must do some mental gymnastics to live our lives without letting fear control our every thought or move. Those eventually gymnastics prevent us from going crazy or slumping into a corner. Some days it is easier to be limber and active than others. That’s normal in these abnormal days.

What we all need to allow ourselves to do is be cautious without being frightened. Respect the things we know and the things we don’t and keep moving, keep working, keep hoping, and keep doing what we do. The alternative is isolation and being dominated by a fear of everything, so today let’s choose a healthy mental attitude and set one less seat at the table for fear. Action cures fear so let’s just keep moving.

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