Today Would Be a Great Day to Start

Metallic ink on mixed media paper- words: Thomas J. Peters

First thing these words remind us to do is celebrate. Second thing is to focus on what we want more of in this life. Those two steps together form a powerful habit. Celebrate and know what you want.

If we count our blessings is it wrong to want more? The things we want don’t have to be for us they can be for those we love. We can celebrate and encourage people when they try, when they learn, when they begin to take initiative for what they want in life. When they stand up for who they are and what they want, we know they are growing, maturing and becoming. THAT is great stuff to want for the people in our lives.

If we want to see more peace, harmony and joy in this world then we had better start celebrating those things. When we exhibit the behaviors and ideals we want to see in others they can observe and understand what celebrating and knowing looks like. Someone has to go first, why not you?

With less than two weeks left in this year take time to celebrate all the wins and losses of 2020. Take time to think about what you want from your life, and how you can move towards that list. Discipline is knowing what you want and once you have it joy flows from celebrating. Today would be a great day to celebrate what you want more of.

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