Step Away From Your Technology!

Ink & Metallic pen on Mixed Media Paper- Words: John Cleese

I grew up watching Monty Pythons Flying Circus. It was hysterical. I am a huge John Cleese fan and when I read these words I liked him even more. No one who is wacky, creative, unique or any bit funny gets their ideas from a laptop. They may record or massage their ideas on a laptop BUT they do not sit staring at it to be creative. Creativity happens first then documentation second.

Hear me out, I think technology has revolutionized the world, including the creative side of it. People are able to implement and imagine strange, new exotic things simply with the click of a button. The ideas they are inventing are usually inspired by real life, real people and real places. So when you need to feel creative, step away from the laptop and get out amongst the people. See things, walk around your yard, down your street, maybe even investigate the treasures in your own attic. Just don’t sit there staring at a screen, get up and get moving.

When I started this blog back in 2008 I actually wrote a rough draft first, then cut and pasted it into the blog. I spent a great deal of time working the tools instead of working my writing. Once I realized this I began typing directly into the blog and skipped the rough draft. I then had more time to think and find things to write about instead of cursing at not knowing a software program. I think we get so pressured to “know” how to do things online and on the computer that we spend hours mastering tools, when in reality simplicity works best. I would rather create art than sit in front of a screen tinkering with menus and tool bars. Maybe that’s just me?

The holidays are soon upon us. Get up, get outside, go take a walk and give thanks for the many blessings you have. You can read, you can think, you have your health and you are able to invent or inspire others. Get out there and do just that…it’s time to step away from your laptop and use your brain. The next great idea or solution may be lurking on your street waiting for you to walk right into it. You won’t know unless you get away from your technology.

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