More Good Things to Celebrate

Ink on Mixed Media Paper- Words: Oprah Winfrey

Have you ever noticed that the stories we tell most often are about the problems, drama and horrific things that happen to us? We get caught trying to one up each other as to who has had the more horrible experience. If that is what we talk about all the time no wonder we have so much drama in our lives. The bad things seem to be more interesting to people than the good things, why is that?

What if we changed our focus and spent more time celebrating the good things in our days? It doesn’t mean we are bragging or boasting, we are celebrating what we have and appreciate, which turns our focus towards joy instead of trauma. If we think and speak about the good more good comes our way. If we only give energy and voice to the horrible or traumatic things in our lives then that is all we think about…which usually means they happen more.

In my experience when I focus and talk about the good things in my life, more good things come my way. When I fret and fume about all the bad things I didn’t want to happen eventually it seems like those situations multiple. What we focus on tends to become what we experience.

No one is asking you to be happy, positive and sickeningly sweet all the time that’s not very realistic. What would be a very cool experiment is to celebrate the good things in your life, your day, your year and talk about them. Program your heart and your brain to recognize and appreciate all the good things going on in your world. Think better, feel better and celebrate the good things in life and there will be more good things to celebrate.

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