The Power of a Place

Ink on Mixed Media Paper- Words: Jonah Lehrer

Experiencing different places, people and sights provide an endless array for creativity. Travel doesn’t have to be international or even far away to stir our souls. Sometimes just going down a new street or across a field can ignite our creative juices. In these social distancing days it can simply be looking out your own window and really savoring the view of your own back yard. Whatever it is, take a moment to appreciate the new sights your eyes can behold.

We had a sagging tree cut down today. It took the crew over four hours to bring it to the ground safely. I stood at the top of our drive at several different points throughout the process and was amazed at the ‘new’ view. Without that huge tree – which my husband calculated was at least sixty years old – our entrance and street look completely different. Suddenly there is an entirely new view looking down and up the driveway.

Our environment impacts us each day, especially if we take the time to pay attention. Be it the streets we drive everyday or the long, lonely roads we only travel when killing time. Either way what we see has power over our mood, our thoughts and how we tackle our day. Whether you live in an apartment or a on a farm with rolling hills, take time today to ‘see’ something you may not have noticed before. Savor your place in this world and allow the differences you observe to entice your thoughts and dreams. You may never know the impact one tree being added or removed can have on your world. It all boils down to the power of a place.

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