It’s Time to Tap into Scraps

Metallic ink on Paper bag

For week forty-nine of our year long challenge, we were asked to create a weather gram. These are created from a brown paper bag and hung outside. They usually refer to weather and remain simple. The only paper bag I could find was from Whole Foods and it had an artichoke in green ink already on it. I thought about a Christmas tree so I embellished the bag and quoted words from one of my favorite Christmas carols.

I have tried to use a lot of things I already had in my studio this year to make gifts and other things. I tapped into my scraps, paper stash, miscellaneous items and recycle bin. I made almost all of my Christmas gifts this year and as of this weekend they will all be traveling the globe for their intended recipients. Creating this weather gram reminded me how much fun it can be to force ourselves to be creative.

Don’t get me wrong, I could spend hours in the art supply store, craft merchants and even Walmart looking at all sorts of supplies. I have shelves and bins of ‘things’ waiting to be made into something special. And I have stacks and stacks of ideas, clippings and notes about ideas I want to create one day. Yet there is something special that happens when you rummage, tinker, finagle and forage in order to execute on an idea. And usually the result is much more satisfying. I have bought Ink refills and some paper, however for most of the year I have tapped into scraps to get the job done.

It is easy to order and spend, what is more difficult is making it with what you have on hand. I would ask you as this year closes out in a couple weeks, make something from something you have sitting around. Drag out that old notebook, try back on that idea you have put aside, and clear out a closet or two to find that ‘thing’ you thought about using…and use it! Be it for work, a gift, to solve a problem or even just for yourself. Give yourself the gift this week of making something from what may have been put aside as nothing. I know you will be pleasantly surprised at how your creative juices get flowing AND what was once useless has been brought to life in a new way. Tap into those scraps and give yourself the gift of creativity and fun!

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