Endings Are Also Beginnings

Gel pen on Rice paper – Words: Mitch Albion

It is week the final week of our fifty week challenge. We were asked to review all the work we had created this year and use this last prompt as a grand finale for the year. What did we want to do but never got to it? What idea have we wanted to try, what skill did we want to test, or what saying have we not had a chance to complete? I knew what I wanted to do.

We have a wreath in our bedroom that is comprised of dried twigs. It was my inspiration. The quote I utilized reads: All endings are also beginning we just do not know it at the time. I thought this was appropriate for the end of this year and looking forward to the next. I wrote the text or a portion there of about seventy times using a gel pen on rice paper. I wanted it to be light and subtle while still being intricate. Below are a couple close up shots.

Close Up Shot of inside the ‘wreath’

As I wrote the words over and over and over again I thought about all the endings in my own life that served as exciting beginnings. If you had told me how letting go would open new doors I may not have believed you. It is often hard, sad and disappointing when things end. Some things come to a natural close, other times an abrupt end is thrust upon us, and still other parts of life requires that we choose for them to end. All endings force us to face reality and change, which may not be what we want at the time. However, if we never want anything to end then we never give ourselves the opportunity for anything new to begin.

Life is made up of endings and beginnings no matter how much we want everything to stay the same. It is how we react and live our lives after a change that shows our true character. Nothing stays the same including us. As this strange COVID-19 year comes to an end I hope that you have the courage to let go of what needs to go away and embrace the new beginnings brought into your future days. Your life, your dreams and your future are worth the effort of living through endings and beginnings.

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