We All Need a Circle of Wise People

Gel pen on Mixed Media Paper- Words: C.S. Lewis

Wisdom comes through change, maturity and experience. There are those who are ‘old souls’ who seems to understand things well beyond their years. There are those who seem to be able to synthesize a situation more intuitively than the rest of us. And there are those who have had such diverse, challenging and robust lives that they understand situations beyond those less experienced. These wise individuals are often the ones we seek out when our own lives get tough, precarious or too much for us to understand.

We will actually serve in both capacities at different times of our lives. Sometimes we will be the one in need and at other times we will be the one providing wisdom. Both sides take insight and humility. It can be hard to ask for help and it can he hard to bite our tongue when help has not been requested. Either way it is important to be thoughtful and kind.

So where are you in your current place in life? Are you the one in need of some wisdom or the one with wisdom to give away? Maybe you are a little bit of both depending upon the situation in life. I hope that no matter in which seat you find yourself that you have a circle of wise people where you can both give and receive the wisdom necessary to navigate this strange world in which we live.

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