Being Still, Vibrant and Alive…

Ink on Mixed Media Paper- Words: India Gandhi

To be still in the midst of activity, what? It sounds counterintuitive and yet those people who can keep it together when everyone else is frenzied are the ones who make the best decisions. They somehow “see” what is really happening and are able to put the pieces together in ways frantic minds cannot.

To be vibrant and alive in repose, again what? Once again this sounds strangers and yet those who are attentive, energetic even during times of silence have the ability to bounce back and keep the pieces together. They respect the quiet and all it provides while keep ing their own self confidence, self awareness and bring life and joy to others. Quiet does not mean bored, it means listening to what is going on in your own head and allowing your thoughts to assemble the puzzles of the day.

In this mad dash world we forget that those who get things done are not always the ones living at a frantic pace. Those who are deliberate, focused, thoughtful and determined are the people who can rest at night knowing they have done a good day’s work. It might sound strange but being still, vibrant and alive are three habits that go very well in today’s world.

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