Don’t Forget About the Mundane and the Boring

Ink on watercolor paper- Words: Ghandi

As the year comes to an end our minds naturally think about the future. What to do, how to get there, goals, wants, needs, desires, and the occasional crazy whim and how to make it come true. This quote from Mahatma Ghandi is a great reminder that our future is only as good as what we do in the present.

I have a fun tag line on my voice mail, a day above ground is a good day. Each day we are able to get out of bed, move, walk, talk and do anything is a blessing, a gift we cannot afford to take for granted. Each day is the opportunity to do something, anything for ourselves and others to make this world a better place to live. And each day we have the option To spend, waste, or invest our time into making our life what we want of it.

I spent time with a couple friends recently who are both “over COVID-19”. They are angry, frustrated a more than convinced that they are wasting their lives due to social distancing. Not being able to do what they want sucks and they are tired of it. I listened and understood – I think we all have felt that way – and reminded them that we all know our world has changed in ways we cannot control. We do have a choice about what we do with what we have and those choices are precious. Anger doesn’t help things, so let it out, let it go and make something of the choices that can be controlled. My hope is that when I interact with them again their anger and frustration have been dealt with in positive ways.

A day above ground is a good day, a great day to do something, anything . None of us knows how many more days we have left on this earth so we had better do what we can with what we have been given. Each day we have a choice and those choices weave our future. We know that and yet most days we forget and are busy doing our daily life. Sure there are grand life changing decisions which are monumentally, however let’s never forget that our tiny daily choices are just as important as figuring out what we want to be when we grow up. The mundane and boring set a foundation that makes the magical and monumental possible. Without solid actions every day we can never reach our brilliant futures. It may feel boring and mundane yet they are the cornerstone to making our future bright and the life we want to live.

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