Are You Chasing the Light or Running from the Darkness?

Gel Pen & Sumi ink on watercolor paper – Words: Marianna Williamson

This was week forty-eight of our fifty week calligraphy challenge and the topic was light. I had never done a piece with white on white so I utilized one of my most favorite quotes to work with white. The photograph does not really capture the white pen on white paper, however the words explain it all.

When I first read this quote many years ago, it caught me off guard. I gave myself time to process it and had to agree with it completely. It is the thought that we are powerful beyond measure that all too often prevents us from diving right into it. If we go half in and it fails, then we know we only gave it half our effort. If we go all in and it fails then we have to face an entirely different level of failure. No matter which way we play it, in both cases we failed.

No one likes to fail. We all know it will eventually find us and yet failure is nothing we actively seek. If we stop and change our thought process we have the ability to see failure as a great chance to learn, grow and get better. Falling down is a great setup for a comeback, for success, for a life beyond our wildest dreams. And living that dream life has an entirely different set of problems. Are we worthy? Can we sustain it? Do we have what it takes to reach that level of success and not get bored? How do I live with myself as a shaming success? So maybe if we don’t try too hard we can skate by and just live a simpler life; maybe the darkness is easier to handle than the bright light of success? The darkness is easier to believe about ourselves than the light.

What if today you gave one thing your all? Just one thing. Take that deep breath and go for it. You will probably be pleasantly surprised how you feel, how it turns out and how much better your world becomes. And if doing one thing all the way works it may become a habit. And who knows how your life could be if all you did was chase the light instead of run from the darkness…

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