Using it Wisely

Marker on Mixed media paper – Words: Augusto Rodin

Sometimes we look back and think about those major milestone decisions and wonder if they were the right ones. Sometimes we know without a shadow of a doubt that the choice we made was the exact one we needed to make to move our life forward. Either way the decision is made and it was indeed the right one because it led you to where you are right now.

Nothing is a waste of time, did you hear that nothing at all. No matter how dreary, how mundane, how painful or how complicated it may have been at the time, nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience. The best and smartest people I know are the ones who tell great stories about their experiences, catastrophes and triumphs. They have embraced what happened to them and made it part of who they are today. They understand that who they are is the compilation of every day in their past and one day different would have put them in an alternate future. I am also the one who benefits from their insights and experiences by hearing about their lessons learned.

It can be hard to question your decisions because hind sight is perfect. We can look back and understand all the nuances and fully “see” the impacts whereas during that moment we only had one view into things. I wonder how we will look back on these strange COVID days? Even though it has stifled and suspended much of our lives, it has also given us the gift of insight, quiet and attention. Suddenly time is on our side and we can do with those ‘extra’ hours the things we never had time to do before. That is of course if that is what we choose to do. People will ask what you did during your COVID days, how will you answer? Nothing is a waster of time if you use the experience wisely. So now it’s time to get using those experiences wisely.

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