Don’t Get Your Focus All Twisted

Ink & Gel Pen on Watercolor paper – Words: Charles Dickens

During the holidays it is a great reminder to focus on our blessings and not our past misfortunes. These comforting words from Charles Dickens are from his classic A Christmas Carol. They provide great wisdom in pointing out that all men have some past misfortunes which in no way should overshadow their current opportunities. How easy it is to get those two twisted around.

When I create these posts I insert the photograph of my art then write the text to support it. As a Calligrpaher I am constantly surrounded by words both in art form and in text. As I prepared for this post I realized I made an error in the text. I put the word ‘on’ in both the first and second line…oops! I noticed it and thought about recreating the piece in order to get it right. As you can see I decided against that. I spent time with my family for Thanksgiving instead of in my studio; so this is one of my “past misfortunes” like Dickens mentions. It bothers me yet it also serves as a great illustration that our past mistakes do not define our ability to move forward. Out of the hundreds of pieces I have created in the past years this one will not keep me up at night.

Experience is he best teacher, especially if it is someone else’s experience. I decided to use my mistake as a visual reminder that no one is perfect, some mistakes do not matter the way we think they do, and sharing our mistakes allows others to learn. I prefer to focus on the many blessings I have and let that be my focus. I hope that as our year winds down you are able to do the same.

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