Welcome to a Club Called “Mad”

Ink on Watercolor paper – Words: Aristotle

No matter what you do, to create there has to be an element of throwing caution to the wind. Creativity, inspiration and even imagination forces us to go against the grain of what is ‘expected’ and focus on the unexpected or unknown. This also means that not everyone will understand, accept or support the creative process or it’s outcomes.

Great thinkers and idea people have always been called ‘mad’ by the standards of their times. Aren’t we glad they were able to side step their critics and keep moving forward with their “crazy” ideas? Imagine if a well worn Michelangelo decided not to take a decade to paint the ceiling of the Sistine chapel because people thought it was silly. Imagine the Wright brothers staying on the ground because people told them only birds should fly. And what would the country music world be like if Dolly Parton had listened to people who called her poor white trash?

In other words, if you have critics you are in good company. If people are telling you to reign it in, slow down, think smaller, give up the fantasy or even asking you to calm down take all that as good news! It’s like crabs in a bucket. If you ever go to the fish market and see a bucket or crabs there is usually no lid. The crabs naturally keep each other down so no need for a top. Just like standard thinkers who want to keep you safe when in reality they just want to keep you in the bucket.

Have the courage today to think huge, let your ideas thrive AND don’t just try JUMP out of the bucket and leave conventional ideas and thinking behind. Be willing to be a ‘mad’ in order to bring your passions to life. Welcome to a club called ‘mad’, it’s an elite group and a fabulous place to live.

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