It is Time WE Exercise our Powers

Ink on Watercolor paper – Words: Marcus Aurelius

I actually turned on the radio in my car today to only end up overwhelmed and disgusted by all the noise. Commercials, commentary, leftover news bits combined with more commercials and a bit of music. I quickly turned the radio off. As I drove in silence I was reminded that facts and truth are often diluted into opinions and perspective, yet because we hear them from “respected” sources we take it all in as gospel.

I read this quote and it reminded me that WE are responsible for what goes in our brains and comes out of our mouth. If we feel foggy, confused, stressed and overwhelmed by what we hear WE have the power to turn it off. Just because it is out there does not make it fact or truth, nor does it need to get into our heads. WE cannot claim to be victims of the media if we do not exercise our power to not listen.

WE have the power to listen, to add our perspective and to choose what goes in our heads. This also means we have the power to leave all that behind and stay on our own carefree path. If someone were pouring mud on your clean, white carpet would you continue to let them do it? Would you stop them if they did it everyday? Of course you would. So why do we let the media barf out all sorts of stories that may or may not be based on fact. Sure they tell us they are reporting the news when in reality they are selling airtime to advertisers and filling the in between spaces with some version of a story. If we don’t like it we can turn it off…exercise our power to choose.

Try an experiment, make today a media free day. Don’t listen to the radio or television and see how your mind works. Most people watch all that not realizing how addicted they are to it, nor do they seem to care. Exercise your power and try a media free day. You may be surprised at how peaceful you sleep and relaxed you feel. Only you can control what goes into your head and what comes out of your mouth.

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