Learn, Understand and Give Back

Ink on Watercolor Paper – Words: Marie Von Ebner-Echenbach

I was talking to a woman today who is facing her thirtieth birthday. She was pretty upbeat about it and she thinks she is ready to face her thirties. She’s building her business, dating a good guy, happy with herself and ready for what comes next…though she doesn’t really know what “next” might bring. She talked about her friends who are in their early twenties and how she sees herself in their lives and is glad she is no longer in her early twenties. As I listened I had to smile, oh the follies of youth!

I looked back at where I was when I turned thirty and how my life and perspective have so greatly changed in the many years since. When I read this quote it TOTALLY expressed my internal dialogue during that conversation. We learn and eventually understand. If we are fortunate we accept along the way by internalizing the learnings and making them our own. I was very glad I was no longer in my twenties or thirties, I understand now the value of age and experience. Maybe that is hind sight, maybe it is wisdom, maybe I am fortunate to like my life and look forward to my future, maybe I am just wise enough to count my blessings no matter my age. My guess it is a combination of all of those things.

Think back to the lessons you learned in your youth and how much better you understand things now. Give thanks for the lessons and those who provided them AND bless the positive and negative events, circumstances and people who were part of making you who you are today. Now it is time to give back, help the youth of today learn those life lessons so they can gain understanding and wisdom. When the opportunity arises, you’ll know. All that life asks of you is to give back, guide and help the next generation understand.

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