It’s Time to Find Your Joy

Ink on Mixed Media Paper – Words: Sir Wilfred Greenfell

2020 has been a very strange year. If you had told us this time last year that everyone would stay home, everyone would work from home, that we would not go to the movies or eat out or even think about having people over for Thanksgiving due to a virus, we all would have called you crazy. Yet here we are living that life and somehow have found a routine within all the madness. For many of us we have found a new definition and source of joy.

Having time on our hands has reminded us what, who and why things are important. We spend differently, we talk differently, we act differently and chances are we will never see “the good old days” ever again. The world has shifted and our lives have had to shift as well. It means knowing the reminder this quote provides. Real joy does come from doing something worthwhile, no matter what that is in your world.

Today I encourage you to find your joy. What it is that you can do in the world you have created to make everything worthwhile? Is it service, creating something, cooking for someone or even listening? Is it bringing your idea out from under the shadows for everyone to benefit? Maybe it’s time for you to spread the joy you know to others who could use a good does? Maybe you are looking for your own worthwhile slice of the pie and need someone to remind you that it’s worth the effort? Whatever it is, find your joy, work your joy, share your joy today. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow so get out there are start spreading that joy!

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